Boulder 1021 Network Disc Player

  • When the 1021 debuted it was the conclusion of one of the largest undertakings in Boulder’s history: It is the first complete source component from the company. Development lasted for two years and the result completely changes the limits of what a disc player can be, especially since it does not need a disc to make music. Since then it has earned over-the-top praise by owners, dealers, reviewers and other manufacturers from around the world and has justly become the standard by which streaming disc players are measured.

    • Plays Compact Discs, data disks, and streaming audio from a UPnP/DLNA network
    • Decodes MP3, FLAC, WAV, ALAC (Apple Lossless), OGG Vorbis, and AIFF files in resolutions up to 24-bits and 192 kHz
    • Boulder's proprietary digital filter results in optimized phase and frequency response
    • Large, full-color LCD display with a parallel VGA output for connection to video systems
    • Internal volume control and two pairs of analog outputs for direct connection to amplifiers and powered subwoofers
    • Artist, track name, and album name are automatically downloaded and displayed when streaming or playing Compact Discs
    • Read-Until-Right system buffers digital music and repeatedly scans damaged disks to extract accurate data
    • Clock signals are stripped from music data before buffering to eliminate jitter
    • Comprehensive setup and custom configuration menu
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