Aurender X725 USB DAC & Amplifier

  • Aurender has come up with the perfect partner for the Aurender X100 series music server; the Aurender X725 intergrated stereo amplifier with built-in High Resolution DAC. The X-725 delivers 2x110W to 8 Ohm (2x230W to 4 Ohm) and has two inputs: a USB input and an optical S/PDIF input for an additional digital source. Furthermore there are two speaker connections (type "Cardas").

    The USB input is intended for the X100 and supports all resolutions that the X100 offers, from MP3 to DSD!. The optical input can be used for your digital TV so that the sound of your TV (and also via the TV your BluRay player) also can be displayed via the X725.

    The X725 comes with an infrared remote control, but for those who own an X100 series music server can control both with the iPad app volume. The volume is indicated in the display of the X100.

    The X725 has pretty much the same enclosure as the X-100. The same design, the same beautiful finish, as wide, only slightly less high. On the front is only a large volume knob and a receiver for the remote control.

    The combination of X100 and X725 looks really great and is a complete audio system for the demanding music lover who only streaming audio used. All you have to do is to add two speakers.
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