Aurender X100L Caching Music Server/Streamer

  • The X100 digital music player incorporates many innovations originally developed for the higher priced Aurender S10 and W20 models, including the solid-state drive cache for playback which completely eliminates jitter, latency and noise resulting from spinning hard drives and compact disks. The X100 also uses the same high performance USB digital audio output as the flagship Aurender W20 with proprietary power circuitry to eliminate noise in the audio signal and is carefully shielded against RF interference.

    While the Aurender X100 can be operated using the front panel buttons, using the Aurender Conductor App for iPad and iPad Mini is the most convenient way to sort, browse and play music, in addition to setting various options on the X100 digital player such as display mode (song information, level meter, playlists, device information), power mode (On/Off or Standby), DAC options and more.

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