Auralic ARIES Mini Wireless Streaming Transporter ***DEMO***



    Compact and lightweight, the ARIES MINI packs all the functionality of our award-winning ARIES Streaming Bridge into a space-saving and affordable package, with the addition of a High-End internal DAC for analog output to your system. Whether you’re looking to outfit your Hi-Fi with streaming capabilities for the first time, or to provide the missing link between multiple listening environments, the ARIES MINI is the perfect combination of connectivity, features and sound to discover what High-Resolution streaming is all about.

    High-End Streaming Starts Here

    The ARIES MINI uses Wi-Fi to link your Hi-Fi system to all your favorite sources of high-resolution digital music. Stream music from any network-attached computer, media server, attached USB drive. or even an (optional) internal drive for hosting your music onboard the MINI itself. With support for the highest resolution formats out there including DXD and DSD256, and features like memory caching and bit-perfect multi-room playback, the ARIES MINI packs a lot into a small package. Just connect it to your DAC or go straight into your amplifier from premium analog outputs that deliver your music without compromise.

    The Art of High-End Streaming

    We developed Lightning OS to be the highest-quality streaming environment you’ve ever heard. A meticulously-crafted software architecture designed specifically to work hand-in-hand with the powerful Tesla hardware platform found in AURALiC streaming products, Lightning OS is full of cutting-edge innovations that bring your music to life like never before. Connect to all your of high-resolution sources, take control with user apps like Lightning DS or Roon, and meet true audiophile streaming.

    Unite Your Digital Sources

    The ARIES MINI offers a plethora of ways to access your music, wherever it is. Store digital music files on a networked computer or media server and the MINI streams that library on command to your audio system over Wi-Fi. Or simply attach a USB drive to one of the MINI’s 2 USB ports. There’s even space inside to install any 2.5” HDD/SSD, turning the ARIES MINI into a music server in its own right. Online services like TIDAL, Qobuz, and Internet Radio expand the possibilities even further, and with support for Roon, AirPlay, SongCast and Bluetooth there’s no end to the ways you can use the ARIES MINI to add high-end streaming to your system.

    Small Box, Big Sound

    Don’t let its small size fool you — the ARIES MINI is serious gear for serious music lovers. It sports an ES9018K2M High-End Sabre DAC chip and supports the highest resolution digital music around, all the way up to DXD and DSD256. We’ve made an optional external linear power supply for the ARIES MINI too, for discriminating users looking to keep EMI as far from their music as possible. No matter how you use it, the ARIES MINI is a great way to discover what high-end streaming is all about. No matter how you use it, the ARIES MINI is a great-sounding way to explore the world of High-End streaming.

    Tesla Core: Tailored For a Perfect Fit

    We built a special version of our Tesla hardware platform for the ARIES MINI, called Tesla Core. Designed with space-saving efficiency in mind, it’s no lightweight when it comes to performance, sporting the same Quad-Core Cortex-A9 processor found in the original ARIES. With 512GB DDR3 RAM and 4GB of storage, Tesla Core has everything it needs to meet the demands of modern high-resolution streaming. Automatic updates keep Tesla Core outfitted with the latest features and support, so your device is always ready for peak performance and up-to-the-minute functionality.

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