Atoll P200se Phono Pre-amplifier

  • The ATOLL P200 is by no means a new addition to the market, but this ‘SE’ version has undergone so many alterations that it may as well be a whole new product.

    The design includes no surface component or integrated circuit. In true Hi-Fi tradition, it carries out RIAA equalization and gain staging through the use of discrete components (transistors) assembled in a class A structure. All of the capacitors used are made of top quality polypropylene. The structure is fully symmetrical (dual mono), which ensures excellent crosstalk between channels. On the back panel there are RCA inputs and outputs, a ground plug for the vinyl turntable, and two ‘DIP’ switches (one per channel). These allow the user to adjust the gain depending on the cartridge (40, 46, 52 dB), as well as the load (100 ohms or 47 kohms) and capacitance (0 or 100 pF). These adjustments ensure that it is compatible with all high and low output cartridges on the market. The box is made of metal with a black coating, and its striking front panel is made of an 8mm sheet of brushed aluminum (black or regular). The external DC power supply is 24V.

    This phono preamp stays true to the brand’s philosophy, staying away from a round, dark sound. The textures are rich, with plenty of clarity. The tempo is sustained and pronounced, breathing life into the entire reproduction. The bass is particularly articulated and clear - double basses are pronounced and precise. It’s not the deepest or most intense sound quality, but its neutrality is noteworthy. The mids have remarkable presence and openness, highlighting the sounds of the room and studio well.

    This is a versatile and highly musical phono preamp that was manufactured in France. Very highly recommended!
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