Atlas Cables Eos Modular 4.0 Power Distribution Unit

  • We live in an electrically noisy world. Mobile phones, computers, wireless networks, the fridge and even your equipment itself can all add various types of noise & interference. Yet we expect our hifi & home theater systems to deliver great results regardless of this pollution. It may sound or look pretty good, but the reality is that you're probably not achieving your equipment's full performance.

    The Atlas Eos Power Management System has been designed to let you hear (and see) what your system's really capable of. Optimum performance requires an optimized approach for each component so the Eos Modular mains block combines sockets designed for higher power items (eg. amplifiers, AV receivers) with sophisticated filtered variants for components processing delicate low-level signals (eg. CD players & DACs).

    Wondering just how much difference the Eos Power Management System could make to your hifi or home theater system? We think you'll notice a real improvement. we've reckon we've got a pretty convincing case.

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