Atlas Cable Mavros Glass Optical TosLink Interconnect

  • A true reference class wide bandwidth optical cable.

    Toslink (optical) connections have become increasingly popular with the rise of ‘dual purpose’ personal audio devices, many of which are also used as components in high quality home systems. A new generation of high quality streaming audio hardware means Toslink is no longer universally as viewed the‘ poor relation ’in digital interfaces.

    Basic ‘bundled’ Toslink cables suffer from a number of issues which degrade the performance of the system. Typically these issues include poor quality core conductor materials, poor matching of conductor to connectors and poor fit of connectors to equipment sockets. These flaws typically combine in very poor ‘jitter’ performance which gives a grainy, tonally bleached sound characteristic of poor quality digital audio.

    The Mavros Glass Toslink cable is designed to specifically address these issues, using a reference standard ultra-pure borosilicate glass light-conducting core coupled with precision machined and micro-polished metal connectors to maximize efficient transfer. Extremely precise alignment and fit of the cable components and connectors ensure the cable is optimized for extremely low jitter, resulting in a very low level of noise and wide dynamic range. Mini Toslink adapters are available.

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