Atlas Cable Element XLR Interconnect

  • In the Element symmetrical OFC XLR to XLR we do not place barriers from materials of different characteristics such as solder in the signal path; therefore the Atlas OFC XLR plugs employed are our unique solder free, non compressing types.

    The Element symmetrical OFC XLR to XLR analogue audio interconnect uses two identical pairs for the signal and return conductors, the screen with 95% coverage additionally rejects RFI interference. The internal conductor pairs of bonded conductors dedicated to the signal and the return signals are then wired in a fully balanced fashion. Balanced interconnects will reduce noise when they're used in balanced systems between the amplifier and pre-amplifier for example.

    OFC conductors with cross linked polyethylene dielectrics improve signal transfer by reducing harmful deletions. With the Element symmetrical balanced cables, you'll experience the joys of listening to a wider band-width signal; it will provide an even sound with no artificial or forced emphasis of higher frequencies to make the sound brighter in order to impress in the way silver plated cables usually do. It will offer a realistic, accurate sound with excellent width, height and depth.

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