ATI AT3300 Series Multi Channel Amplifier

  • ATI Pure Balance Series are robust, differential design amplifiers incorporating substantial power supplies to ensure maximum power to all channels as listening and cinematic sound demands are placed upon the amplifier. The ATI Pure Balance Series amplifiers have been designed with ATI’s latest approach to our Class AB differential amplifier design. Massive toroidal power transformers supply 450VA to each channel of the AT3300 series amps to provide full power capability to all channels for the greatest sonic experience that your speaker system can deliver. By offering up to 330 watts to all channels, not only are the front main L-C-R speakers performing with power and dynamics, all surround and height channel speakers will be ready for astonishing instantaneous immersive sound effects and realism.
    Employing a modular amplifier bank approach to output channels; AT3300 amps are designed for efficient and powerful performance up to 4 channels on a compact 13.5” depth chassis for models AT3302, AT3303 and AT3304. In these models, up to 4 channels may be located at one side of the amplifier’s internal chassis for cooling efficiency. When increased channel counts are required such as 5 to 8 channels, a second toroidal transformer is incorporated to power the additional modular amplifier bank for channels 5-8 as in models AT3305, AT3306, AT3307 and AT3308 on a 16.5” depth chassis.


    With this efficient internal mechanical design, a cooling tower for all channels is achieved. A CPU and temperature controlled 140mm (5.5”) computer fan positioned at each amplifier bank ensures continuous and quiet airflow cooling.

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