ATI AT3000 Series Multi Channel Amplifier

  • Featuring true differential design, this series represents ATI's “Pure Balance”® technology balanced from input to output. The design allows the quietest and purest reproduction of the audio signal. The AT3000 series amps are available in 2 to 7 channel configurations. Each model in the series comes standard with 2 massive toroidal transformers and can be upgraded at the factory by changing power transformers, adding power modules and a new rear panel. The maximum is 7 channels. A common ground all home theater enthusiasts can find is that the best possible design is the fully differential balanced amplifier.

    A fully differential amplifier is basically two separate amplification circuits per channel. One channel is inverted at the input and the output of each is summed allowing the speakers to be driven by a push/pull action; because of this, it automatically rejects any noise coming from external sources, eliminates hum and reduces distortion. For better reproduction of high frequencies and transient performance the slew rate of the amplifier is doubled. This technology is called Pure Balance®, and is used in both the AT3000 and the AT2000 series; the result is breathtaking. ATI’s Pure Balance® amplifiers keep the signal balanced all the way from the XLR inputs to the speaker outputs.

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