Astell&Kern Diana In-Ear Monitors

  • Beautiful both inside and out

    Diana is a product created by combining the world renowned IEM technology of Jerry Harvey Audio, which has long been making custom earphones for musicians around the world, and the expertise of Astell&Kern reputed for their quality products made in Korea.

    Going a step further from the existing SIREN Series, which is loved by music enthusiasts around the world, we have used full metal to create Diana, a top level IEM in terms of both sound and design.

    Diana features the patented Freqphase from Jerry Harvey Audio and the same new sound bore design applied to Billie Jean. Its impeccably beautiful full metal shell made from aluminum with great precision not only delivers a visually impressive image but also makes the sound more solid so you enjoy the most ideal sound without distortion in all sound ranges.

    The 3-Way 3-Drivers, optimized size, plus silver tinsel and anaerobic copper cables used in high-end top cables, come together to provide outstanding sound that cannot be matched in existing IEM products.

    Created by Jerry Harvey Audio, the inventor of the world’s leading custom earphone and Astell&Kern the favorite of music enthusiasts around the world, Diana lets you enjoy its beautiful design and amazing sound at the same time.


    Jerry Harvey Audio has developed a whole new Balanced Armature Driver to offer reference quality IEMs for mastering and mixing works. The high-range drivers are designed to deliver everything with minimum distortion, while the ultimate mid driver offers perfect, flat sound from 10Hz to 5kHz.

    The bass driver was designed for an even steeper low-pass effect with no distortion.

    Freqphase™ Time | Phase Waveguide

    Most Multiple Driver IEM's suffer from phase and timing issues. Low, Mid and High drivers all have different impulse times. The higher it is, the faster the impulse time of the BA Driver. The lower it is, the slower the response speed. This causes improper arrival times and Phase shifts.

    Diana applies Jerry Harvey Audio's patented Freqphase technology, which uses precisely cut tube lengths for each driver to minimize the phase shift of each frequency. This allows for the High, Mid and Low drivers to be aligned to 1/100ms for the most ideal phase curve. It ensures the correct time alignment and phase of all drivers resulting in the most accurate music reproduction in the industry.

    3-Way 3-BA Drivers

    The balanced armature drivers used in Diana are smaller and incredibly more efficient than conventional dynamic drivers. Three balanced armature drivers with optimized tuning are elaborately designed and integrated with Freqphase, Timephase, and Waveguide technologies which deliver crystal clear sound in all sound ranges.

    In particular, the Acoustic Chamber Sound Bore design of Jerry Harvey Audio has been crafted and applied to Diana.

    This design creates the full amount of air needed to deliver sound, making it more optimized for treble.

    It also prevents sweat and dirt from accumulating in the sound bore. Experience Diana and hear music at its finest.

    High Quality Full Metal Shell

    Diana’s sleek design is carefully crafted from aluminum through multiple steps.

    The design flowing from the Sound Bore, body, to the logo on the shell boasts excellent durability thanks to the aluminum which is as strong as it is beautiful and light.

    It will be the best choice for those who seek a perfect IEM and demand the ultimate in sound, design and durability.

    Siren Series is the perfect product for sound monitoring by professional musicians. The design reflects years of studying the multiple shapes of the ear canal to ensure listeners are provided with authentic sounds.

    Capturing all the experience and know-how of Jerry Harvey Audio’s Custom IEMs, the Universal Fit Diana offers the best fit and comfort for audiophiles everywhere.

    4N pure silver and 7N OCC copper hybrid, 2.5mm 4-pole cable

    The cable included is an 8-conductor wire of awesome sound that's included with and designed and tuned especially for the Astell&Kern Diana.

    It’s made with 4N pure silver with silver plated 7N OCC to deliver the high in this combination; and the 7N OCC to bring the low.

    This hybrid construction of pure silver, silver OCC and OCC litz creates a unique harmony and is the finishing touch to Diana’s excellence. No more sharp highs or too much bass: bring perfect balance to your music with this unique cable.

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