Astell&Kern Desktop Audio Bundle

  • ACRO S1000 Desktop Speakers

    Compact and powerful, the Astell&Kern ACRO S1000 2-Way Desktop Speakers offers crisp, clear sound at any volume. Featuring a variety of modern audio features, these desktop speakers are ideal for streaming music or watching movies on your home computer. The reflex bass design offers thumping low frequency sound for enhanced bass at all times, making your favorite action movies feel intense and realistic. The pair of tweeters provides you with a natural, clear high frequency sound, ensuring you hear every delicate detail with absolute precision.

    Designed with a soft diaphragm and an accompanying phase plug, these computer speakers are crafted in such a way that the signal from the two drivers cannot crossover, preventing unwanted distortion and preserving the natural acoustic sound of your audio. Built in an aluminum alloy enclosure, these PC speakers minimize resonance levels, preventing unwanted vibrations from further compromising the audio signal. As a result, you will have clear, distortion-free sound at any volume.


    • ScanSpeak® speaker drivers used to deliver clear, distortion-free sound
    • Aluminum alloy enclosure for minimal resonance
    • Bass reflex design for energetic bass
    • Binding posts for versatile connection options
    • Big punch from a small package

    ACRO L1000 Amplifier

    The ACRO L1000 is a desktop amplifier, headphone amp and DAC, complete with an eye-catching aluminum design. 

    Astell&Kern has taken their expertise in designing best-selling, world-class portable audio devices and put that knowledge in to the first desktop audio product, the ACRO L1000.  The volume wheel not only looks cool but also features LED lights that indicate the volume and which sound setting you’re using: blue for the default setting, green for the bass-boost and red for the high-gain mode. 


    • Dual High-End AK4490 DACs Built-in
    • PCM playback up to 32bit/384kHz, Native DSD 256 playback supported
    • Support for various audio output options for Hi-Fi Audiophiles
    • 15W Audio Output per Channel for Stereo Speakers
    • Filters for Different Audio Preferences (Bass-boost, High-Gain)
    • Optimal design for both usability and sound playback

    DEF21 Speaker Cables

    The pair of Astell&Kern DEF21 Speaker Cables were developed by Crystal Cable, who manufacture the thin, high-end wires for maximum resolution and remarkable neutrality. Each cable has a solid silver-gold core, helically wound in two thin layers of Kapton insulation, and covered in a silver screen with a transparent Teflon jacket. Each cable is finished with two gold-plated banana connectors per side.

    Crystal Cables are ultra-thin, highly flexible, and have remarkable RFI and EMI rejection ratios. The attractive construction offers optimum electrical behavior and near-perfect shielding. The proprietary sliver/gold conductors have low micro-distortion and provide a balanced frequency range.

    • Pair of cables (set of two)
    • Solid silver-gold core
    • Helically wound in two thin layers of Kapton insulation
    • Covered in a sliver screen
    • Transparent Teflon jacket
    • Created with in-house silver-gold metallurgy with professional termination by custom machinery
    • Highlights: Purity, extreme bandwidth, fast response, and accurate tonal color
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