Amphion Home Theater Bundle

  • Create the ultimate Amphion home theater system and save with this bundle!

    • Helium 510 Bookshelf Speakers
    • Helium 520 Floorstanding Speakers
    • Helium 520C Center Channel Speaker

    Helium 510:

    Helium 510 bookshelf loudspeakers are the optimum price/quality solution for any home audio environment. Being a simple 2-channel setup for listening to music, or watching television, or 2.1 and 5.1 home theater systems for a complete movie experience, these highly versatile bookshelves fit perfectly. In addition to their flexibility in applications, Helium 510 speakers are highly adaptable to your interior design, offering a multitude of color options.

    Helium 520: 

    If you are looking for an immersive musical experience in the home without outlaying a small fortune, then the Helium 520 floorstanding loudspeakers are your answer. Providing an open and natural sound with a hint of warmth, Helium 520 ‘floorstanders’ are the optimum price/quality solution for any home environment. Helium 520 speakers are known for their honest but still forgiving sound, revealing fine details and still handling less-than-perfect source material.

    Helium 520C:

    Amphion’s Helium loudspeakers are the entry-level step on the way to establishing an exciting home audio experience. As such, they offer clear and natural but still warm and intimate sound. Helium 520C central loudspeaker is no exception. It offers high resolution, clarity, and neutrality, and still provides a profound sonic impact.

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