Acurus ACT 4-20 Pre-Amplifier

  • The ACT 4 Pre-Amplifier Processor by Acurus is one of the brand's best high end pre-amps to date. If you want the best in high end audio and your not planning a system larger then 20 channels ACT 4 is an excellent option.

    The Acurus ACT 4 processor features 15 main outputs and 1 subwoofer output for native decoding and rendering of immersive audio streams.  With 4 additional subwoofer outputs, the ACT 4 is well suited for larger speaker layouts such as 9.5.6 or 9.7.4.

    The unique Acurus ACT 4 immersive audio processor features a number of technology benefits:

    • Support for fully decoding and upmixing to the largest speaker layouts.
    • Can be controlled by a Mobile phone or Ipad.
    • Simplified setup via front panel or mobile device saves installation and setup time.
    • Crossmixing enables upmixing of channel-based Dolby or DTS audio using either Dolby Surround or DTS Neural Surround.
    • Intelligent Auto Mode optimally fills all loudspeakers for any source format.
    • Our FastSwitch technology switches decoding formats in 100ms -- that's 10x faster than other decoders or AVRs at any price.
    • Extensive layout support for handling a wide variety of listening situations.
    • Proprietary system architecture delivers state-of-the-art immersive technology with an absolute devotion to sound purity and expression.

    Additional web-control features and system upgrades to support the upcoming Acurus proprietary automatic room correction tool, ASPEQT (Acurus Speaker Parameter EQ Tool), are included in the new system, as well. ASPEQT is scheduled for release in Spring 2018 and will dramatically simplify the process of immersive processor system EQ and room tuning.

    As a result, Acurus customers will enjoy a wide spectrum of new advanced capabilities and immersive channel layout configurations in a USA-made processor with a sub-$10k price. Backing up its reputation for rock-solid engineering and reliability, the product boasts a full five-year manufacturer's warranty.

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