Acurus A2005 5-Channel Power Amplifier

  • The A2005 is our five-channel home theater amplifier in the Acurus series. The A2005 is the core of a high-value home theater system that still delivers an uncompromising 2-channel music experience.

    The A2005's ethernet status and control port provides a powerful tool for optimizing and enjoying a modern multi-channel home entertainment system.

  • High-quality multichannel amplification
  • Fully-discrete analog amplifier design
  • Ideal companion for a high-quality multi-channel pre-amp
  • Great for enhancing the performance of a multichannel-AVR
  • Stand-alone or rack-mount capable with optional rack mount
  • Rack-mountable chassis designed for optimum cooling
  • 2-way ethernet-based control and status monitoring
  • Readily interfaces with popular home control solutions
  • Solid American engineering and construction
  • THX Ultra2-certified
  • High-current output stage
  • Fully discrete class AB analog audio circuitry
  • Ethernet, RS-232, 12V trigger
  • Temperature monitoring via web
  • Mobile device controllable
  • Remote monitor-ready
  • Applications:
    • Residential home theater
    • Multipurpose home theater/2-channel systems
    • Corporate media rooms
    • Professional multichannel mastering studios
  • Coming soon

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