Abyss JPS Labs Superconductor HP Upgrade Cable Set for Abyss Diana

  • You must hear these cables!

    Compared to stock cables (which are very good), the Superconductor headphone cables offer greater inner clarity and fullness through the upper bass and mids without brightness, soundstage and room boundaries. These cables open up way outside your head and are musically detailed from the bottom on up.

    Did we mention you have to hear these cables?

    • Made in the USA exclusively for the Abyss Diana and Diana Phi headphones
    • Ultra high quality upgrade with custom configurations and lengths
    • High copper content rhodium plated connectors for natural clarity
    • Custom molded end connectors fit inside and flush fit Diana perfectly
    • Choose dual 3 pin XLR, 4 pin XLR, 4.4 mm Pentaconn, or 1/4" / 6.35 mm plug at amp
    • JPS Labs proprietary Alumiloy conductors in a noise rejecting topology
    • Anti-resonant cable keeps motion from interfering with your music
    • Soft woven outer jacket is flexible and comfortable against your body
    • Connectors permanently laser engraved
    • Lightweight and flexible, designed to not weigh down Diana

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