Aurender UT100 USB to S-PDIF (Optical) Converter

  • In an effort to increase the flexibility of our entry-level models N100H and X100L, developed the UT100, a precision asynchronous USB Audio 2.0 to S-PDIF (OPTICAL) converter. This accessory to our most affordable models is designed for customers who need to interface and adapt these Aurender models with only a USB output to products with a Toslink (optical) input. Applications include, when a DAC does not have a USB Audio 2.0 input or when a DAC requires a special driver for its USB Audio 2.0 input.

    Other applications for the UT100 include interfacing Aurender to the growing number of wireless loudspeaker systems from, for example, Dynaudio Xeo or the Devialet Phantom. Custom installation components often only have a Toslink interface as well as high-end personal audio systems, A/V receivers and television sound bars. Really anywhere there is a singular optical input, the UT100 can be employed.

    1. Use when DAC does not have USB Audio 2.0 input
    2. Use when DAC may need a special driver for USB Audio 2.0 input.

    • Recommended usage is with Aurender Music Servers only N100H / X100. Drivers for PC/Mac not included.
    • Drivers are not required when using with Aurender Music Servers.

  • Width 55mm / 2.16in
    Height 45mm / 1.77in
    Length 25mm / 0.98in
    ​Weight ​​100g / 0.22lbs
    ​Input High-Speed USB 2.0 / USB Audio Class 2.0
    ​Output ​SPDIF (OPTICAL)
    ​Supported Word Lengths ​up to 24-bit
    ​Supported Sampling Rates ​up to 192 kHz
    ​Supported DSD ​DSD64 supported with DoP
    ​Power USB VBUS 5V/150mA

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