Personal Audio

Immerse yourself. Take a respite from our hyper-connected world. The stressors and demands.

Allow the music to pour over and through you. Immerse yourself.


Personal Home Head-FI

One of those nights when you just want to rock out but don’t want to disturb other members of the home or better yet your next door neighbor

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The Traveler

You have the latest tablet. Check. You’ve downloaded your favorite music or new movies. Check. You made it through security and are on time for your flight. Check. Now, do you really think you can truly immerse yourself in that music or movie through a pair of cheap headphones?

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The Commuter

Delve into your favorite authors’ world through audio books. Escape the crazy sounds of the train during morning and afternoon commute. Reclaim your “me” time!

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The Athlete

Exercise is your priority and you know how to create the perfect workout playlist. Your high intensity tunes and training necessitates a compact, light-weight portable music player and headphones that don’t skimp on sound quality.

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Headphone Accessories

 The same principles apply to personal audio.  You need a source, speakers and some type of amplification. We offer solutions that enhance your overall music listening experience. A good amp will deliver a superior resolution and detail. Additionally, sound dynamics will be expanded making for a much more satisfying listening experience. Amps  coupled with a DAC also serve as a pre-amp.

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All Headphone Products

See all the products the Sight+Sound offers for your listening pleasure.

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