Whether you purchased your hi fi audio system from our Atlanta audio shop two weeks ago, or two years ago, when you’re ready to replace it, our staff is here to help.  Our digital audio experts will work with you to discuss the trade-in value of your current audio system and make informed suggestions on an upgrade. As your system needs grow and change, we provide an upgrade path to help support those needs along the way.


At Sight+Sound Gallery, we carry all the latest models of all the top brands in our Atlanta audio shop so you will certainly find the ideal equipment you desire. To help you finance your upgrade, we’ll purchase your first and second year equipment. Based on its current price, we’ll purchase them at:

  • 100% of the value of your unit in its first year of ownership.
  • 75% of the value for units in their second year of ownership, and still a part of the manufacturer’s current line of products