At Sight + Sound, we believe you should be able to access your entire library of media through a hi-fidelity, easy to use digital library. Our team of audiovisual experts will work with you to help you transfer all of your legacy media, including any CDs, DVD, and Blu-Rays into your own simple, searchable database. Plus, with your media in a digital format, it’s easier than ever to connect to and use any of our hi-fi speaker and TV systems, making this the perfect complement to your home theater setup.

The Process

For media libraries, organization is key. We’ll ensure that every piece of music or video is tagged by title, genre, and all other relevant information, making it simple to search through your library and find what you’re looking for. We can convert CDs and audio to the following formats, depending on your specification: MP3 (all bitrates), FLAC, WMA Lossless, Apple Lossless, WAV, and AIFF. The process is simple:

  1. Deposit Your Media: Mail your collection of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays to us, or call us to schedule an appointment for drop-off.
  2. Experience Your New Library: We’ll convert your entire collection into the archive-quality format of your choice (we’d recommend FLAC or Apple Lossless), with everything perfectly tagged and organized to your exact specifications and labeled with a level of detail that no other media ripping service offers.

Could you do this yourself? Probably – but will you ever get around to it with the 3000 other things on your to-do list? We make it easy to take all of the media you have but are not enjoying because it’s not in a digital format and process it into a clean, searchable library that’s optimized to integrate with any home media server or system.