At Sight+Sound Gallery we make it our mission to create the ideal atmosphere you desire for your home. Not only can we blow you away with our HiFi audio solutions, we also can transform your home with lighting that defines your style and automate your climate for increased savings.

Lutron works to enhance the feel of your home for movie watching, relaxing, or listening to music. It perfectly integrates with shading control for enhanced security, and climate control for enhanced comfort.

Shading provides security, energy conservation, and temperature control at the push of a button or automated to your specific timing. Shading perfectly integrates with Lutron and climate control to bring you the entire ambience.

Climate control will allow you to identify parts of your house you want cool and which you want warm, when you want it. Forgot to turn off the air before leaving for work? Not a problem. With a push of a button on your mobile device, you will save time and money.

The importance of automated lighting is clear! Save time and money with basic dimming controls on your phone or advance to complete automation that allows you to illuminate your driveway from your car as you pull into your home. Our lighting systems, powered by Lutron, allow you to control your home from anywhere using your mobile device. It is suited to your specific needs; have it automated by time of day or position of the sum and never arrive home to a dark house again.

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