Nordost believes in the performance, quality, and long-term value of their products. Sharing the same ethos as the Sight+Sound Gallery, Nordost offers an upgrade path for all of their cables. We encourage you to audition these different looking cables in your home under our loaner program. You will quickly access what a difference Nordost can do for you.

The Leif Series represents a comprehensive family of AC, signal and speaker leads designed to offer superb performance at an affordable price; meaning that even in the most complex, multi-source AV systems and installations, you don’t need to skimp on cable quality.

The Norse 2 series takes things to a whole new level, applying Nordost’s proprietary Micro Mono-Filament construction and asymmetric grounding across the entire range. The result is a completely coherent range of AC, signal and dedicated source designs that deliver performance does so at prices that real customers can actually afford.

The Valhalla Series has become the standard benchmark for high-end performance. Their multiple, silver-plated solid-core, Micro Mono-Filament conductors set new standards for transmission speed, phase accuracy and low-loss signal transmission – a technical performance only surpassed by the dual micro mono-filament conductors developed for the Valhalla AC cord. Music listeners will revel in the unprecedented dynamic range, detail and sheer energy of a sound so unconstrained and delicate, yet explosive when necessary.



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