3 Things You Need to Know About Electrocompaniet


Electrocompaniet produces power amplifiers, preamplifiers, speakers, CD players, and multi-media players. The brand is now represented in over 50 countries worldwide and their product ranges has steadily grown over the years. Electrocompaniet takes pride in creating the ideal Hi-Fi system to suit the needs of any audio enthusiast. Sight+Sound Gallery honors those same values by providing solutions for the needs of audiophiles. That is why we are happy to announce our new partnership with Electrocompaniet.

Here are 3 things that you should know about Electrocompaniet, the new Hi-Fi audio brand at Sight+Sound Gallery.


1. It’s Norwegian

Electrocompaniet, Norway’s high-end audio manufacturer, is known for producing the ‘Sound of Norway’, and it originated in 1973 because audio enthusiast, Svein Erik Børja, was on a quest to develop the perfect amplifier. Electrocompaniet seeks to reach higher potential in crafting and the design of their products. The signature combination of cloth, wood and metal gives a timeless finish. The design is typically Scandinavian, and it is inspired by Norway’s beautiful nature.Their product lines may have grown, but their initial vision of perfection has stayed – If music really matters… It’s clearly played on Hi-Fi audio systems from Norway.

2. EC Living is perfect for your home theater

EC Living by Electrocompaniet is the line of wireless audio/video systems. Anything you may need for your home theater, EC Living has it. And it looks phenomenal. If Electrocompaniet’s classic line is the ultimate high-end audio, then EC Living is known for providing flexible and powerful multi-channel systems to revitalize your entertainment room. By combining different products, you can build everything from a small kitchen radio to a big home cinema. EC Living is also available at Sight+Sound Gallery, check it out.


3. We have a special sale on Electrocompaniet all month long

That’s right! We’re so excited about this new brand, that we’re giving it to you with a special promotion so you can discover out how much you love their products too. And we know you will. All month of September, if you purchase ANY product from Electrocompaniet (including EC Living), you can take 10% off of any accessories. OR if you’re not in the mood for an accessory to your purchase, you can just take $100 off your next purchase at Sight+Sound Gallery. The choice is yours; use the special as you like for whatever suits your needs and preferences.


So, don’t you want to experience the ‘Sound of Norway’?



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