The year:  2003.  A few casual meetings occurred between an engineer, a designer and a financier. Different walks of life to be sure, but each sharing a lifelong passion for music.  Soon a crazy plan was proposed:  combine analog and digital in one never-before-seen amplifier.   Huh?  What kind of craziness is that?  It’s theoretically impossible.  Doomed to fail.  Why even try?  However, one of the meeting’s attendees, Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, had a stubborn streak.  Times were tough in the telecommunications industry, where he directed a research lab for Nortel Networks.  An idea was rolling around in his head; an idea he couldn’t let go of, one whose roots extended back to his school days:  invent the perfect amplification technology.

The writing was on the wall.  It was time for a leap of faith.

In 2004, ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid) was born.  The naysayers were proven wrong.  Pierre-Emmanuel was proven right.  He quickly filed a patent (the first of many) to protect his brainchild.  Even though ADH had taken tangible form, it was not yet stable.  Plus, the audio microprocessor had just been invented.  Only after another year of research and a half dozen more patents did ADH become fully operational.

Fast forward to 2006.  Pierre-Emmanuel met Emmanuel Nardin, a designer who shared his passion for Hi-Fi.  Not surprisingly, the two men bonded immediately.  Shortly thereafter, another player arrived on-scene:  Quentin Sannié, strategy consulting firm owner and Emmanuel Nardin's cousin.  Long had the cousins dreamt of someday creating their very own audio company.  Little did they know that fate was on their side.  With Sannié and Nardin on board, a fourth team member was added:  Manuel de La Fuente, a former consulting firm member, would handle commercial development.

The pieces were in place.  The work was arduous, never-ending.  But the team’s dedication was unshakeable.

In 2007, Devialet was founded.   Its aim: build the world’s first analog-digital hybrid amplifier using ADH technology.  100,000 lines of code and many, many sleepless nights later, Devialet’s first product, D-Premier, was born in late 2009.  The unwavering commitment of the company’s four founders, united in their goal to give music lovers far and wide something they’d never seen before, was rewarded.

The founders had invented, reinvented, and then invented some more until the D-Premier was pristine.  They knew, just as every other visionary person or firm knows, that believing in one’s dreams is the true path to success.  To bring universally-appreciated, unrivalled musical emotion to listeners around the world:  this was Devialet’s dream – and still is.

Devialet’s distribution network is rapidly expanding, and the company continues to achieve strong international growth.  Moreover, the press has been effusive in its praise for Devialet’s products, with the company earning a myriad of prestigious international awards.

In early 2010, Devialet was present in 22 countries.  As of early 2014, Devialet is present in 45 countries, operating through 150+ distributors.  Twice as many countries now recognize the Devialet name, a phenomenal increase in word-of-mouth which owes much to the company’s online presence, where Devialet devotees can not only engage in healthy audio-related discussions with kindred spirits from California to Calcutta, but also update their devices with Devialet’s latest technology.



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