T+A Pulsar ST 20 Floorstanding Speakers

  • The Pulsar ST 20 is an extremely slim, compact floor-standing loudspeaker which combines outstanding acoustic qualities with sleek appearance. It is a new design which we have developed from the ground up, and features the very latest high-performance drivers, as this was the only way our development engineers were able to fulfill the design brief for this new range of speakers. Although their cabinets are small in size, we required the new Pulsars to have the ability to radiate low bass cleanly and at high pressure, at the same time reproducing an open, uncolored treble / mid-range with great vitality.


    These are the reasons behind our decision to adopt a complex three-way system, based on two long-throw bass units, a wide band mid-range and a High-End dome tweeter. All speaker cones are produced from aluminum of various thicknesses using specially calculated embossing tools, ensuring that they are very stiff and strong, but still light in weight. The drive unit magnets are extremely powerful, while the magnet and suspension systems are of highly sophisticated design, and made from the finest materials available. As a result these High-End drivers are capable of generating tremendous levels as well as being amazingly dynamic and fast.

    A precisely calculated cross-over unit consisting of low-loss components guarantees that all the drivers are fed the perfect signal in the optimum working range for excellent radiation characteristics. The crossovers have separate grounds for bass and mid-high range, making the speakers ideal for bi-wiring arrangements.

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