T+A Power Bar 2+5 HD Power Conditioner

  • This distribution panel has two sockets for analogue and five sockets for digital devices and a massive bottom plate machined from solid aluminum.

    The sound quality of any first-rate Hi-Fi system is determined by several factors: although the equipment itself is crucial, the sound is also affected very strongly by the attendant accessories. The effect of mains leads and – especially – mains distribution panels is very considerable, and is often drastically underestimated.


    Very high currents can flow in a distribution panel, potentially generating powerful magnetic fields. For this reason T+A Power Bars are made of pure, high-quality aluminum throughout. The main case is produced using a sophisticated extrusion tool, is extremely rugged and torsionally rigid, and provides a stable base for all the sub-assemblies and individual sockets.

    The end-caps and base plates are machined from solid, using stout aluminum plates up to 10 mm thick. Each Power Bar is mounted on four spikes for accurate positioning, ensuring that the unit is stable and completely de-coupled mechanically.

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