Sonos is an American consumer electronics company. They manufacturer a well designed sound system designed to facilitate easy to configure whole-home-audio-experience.

With Sonos, multiple audio devices in a single household are connected to each other wirelessly or through a wired ethernet network. The company's products seamlessly integrate to fill your entire space with pure, immersive sound, room by room.

The company currently offers a total of seven powered speakers - four smart speakers, a soundbar, a soundbase, and a subwoofer - that can be grouped as needed. It also offers the CONNECT:AMP to drive unpowered speaker pairs and the CONNECT to link your Sonos system to conventional audio equipment such as amplifiers and CD players.

At Sight+Sound Gallery we are your one-stop Sonos solutions experts.  Contact us to design, source, and install your home or office Sonos system.



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