The name Odin implies greatness, and Nordost's Supreme Reference cables deliver the divine qualities that their name suggests. The Odin range actualizes the music that is fed into your system, so that you are no longer left with a convincing reproduction of sound, but rather you are able to experience the equivalent of the real performance in the comfort of your own listening room.

Odin cables use every tool available in the Nordost arsenal to ensure that every inflection and nuance of musical detail, uninhibited full-range dynamics and explosive impact of a great crescendo are delivered with ease. Only the most elite materials are used in the construction of Odin cables, including the highest purity class FEP and a heavier grade of silver plating which impacts both upper frequency ranges and decreases the negative impacts of skin effect. Odin is also the only cable range to take advantage of Total Signal Control (TSC) technology, individually shielding each conductor to provide an imperceptibly low noise floor and allowing previously unheard levels of detail, transparency and dynamic range.

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