Lab12 started as the result of enthusiastic and tireless endeavors of Stratos Vichos and outgrew itself in extremely short period into the state of the art high end audio manufacturer with the wide production range. Years of passionate experiments, explorations and R & D transformed Lab12 from one man operation to fast forward venture, that holds the emotional impact and engaging music performance as the most important thing.

Lab12 is technology and performance driven company and third generation of products offers a unique value, that can meet highest demands of audiophiles and musical lovers.

Their products both incorporate and introduces the 21st technology, that first and foremost servers the music. Lab12's portfolio is growing by the months and they are able to serve the growing needs of high-end audio industry and contemporary audiophiles with more sophisticated devices, where technology never gets in in the way of the music. And most importantly, Lab12 didn’t change their painstaking design and of developing process.

Each and every product undergoes the state of the art measuring processes and final tuning, that is the result of prolonged listening within various high-end audio systems and combinations. Glowing reviews and great following reflects their attitude and Lab12 simply loves what they do. Lab12's audio products are made by high end audio passionates for the passionates.

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