Isoclean AC RF Isolator

  • AC Outlet Caps for outlets and receptacles. Set of 4.

    Male Plug For Female Wall Sockets. 4 Isolator units per box. Prevent EMI and RFI interference from entering your system and lower your noise floor with these popular and good looking devices. Place them in all of your unused power receptacles in both your room and your power conditioners / power strips and enjoy the music. We recommend these as a great tweak for any level of system.

    Product Features:

    • RF noise isolation
    • Dust isolation
    • Safety precaution
    • Upgrade sound spectrum

    Place RF Isolators onto the blank sockets of receptacles and Power Bar sockets.

    Isoclean RF Isolators serve the function of blocking of harmful airborne RF flow to your audio and video equipment.

    Constructed of high quality Copper.

    Product Specifications: 4 pcs per box.

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