Heed Audio Thesis Alpha Pre-Amplifier

  • The Thesis α (alpha) preamplifier sports two analog and four digital inputs including S/PDIF, TOSLINK, BNC and USB. All inputs, as well as volume setting with muting function are remote-controllable via an RC handset. A twin RC-coupled output stage caters for driving long cables and connecting even two sets of power amplifiers to drive speakers in bi-amp configuration. The analog section of the thesis α can be fed by the Thesis π twin PSU which can also supply the φ phono stage with power simultaneously.

    The analog circuit of the Thesis α is a new design from scratch, while the digital section based around our Dactil 2.1 DAC and USB 2.0 modules (by using card slots both modules are upgradeable in the future) is an enhancement of Heed's exceptional Obelisk DA digital-to-analogue converter.


    • 2 analog, 4 digital inputs (including USB 2.0)
    • upgradeable analogue power supply (see Thesis Pi)
    • upgradeable DAC and USB section
    • fully remote controllable
  • Inputs: 2x analogue / 1x S/PDIF RCA / 1x S/PDIF BNC / 1x USB / 1x TOSLINK
    Outputs: 2x preamplifier output / 1x tape out
    Supported upgrade cards: DAC 2.3 / USB 2.0
    Power supply options: internal / Thesis Pi
    Max. consumption: 60 W
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 22 x 8.5 x 36 cm

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