Electrocompaniet is relentlessly focused on developing audio equipment that is capable of bringing the experience of the concert hall into the home.  The company's incredible success story began over forty years ago with a 25W amplifier, widely hailed as being the very best in the world. Today Electrocompaniet is the leading Norwegian manufacturer of high quality audio equipment which has been designed to bring you the most rewarding musical experience possible. All of  Electrocompaniet's world-class CD-players and amplifiers are designed and manufactured in their state of the art facilities here in Norway and then exported to more than fifty countries throughout the world.

When developing and testing new products aims to ensure that the wonderful richness of tone and every nuance of feeling and emotion of a piece of music is delivered to you just as the artist intended. To that end, the brand continually strives to give you the very best musical listening experience available whatever your preferred musical genre.

In 2016, Electrocompaniet entered the U.S. wireless whole-house audio market with its EC Living line, engineered to provide home-tech integrators with products that pair high sound quality and modern industrial designs.

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