Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Paris, Devialet is one of the world's most critically acclaimed start-ups for innovation and excellence in audio inventions. 

Devialet's history begins with the revolutionary patented invention that would forever change high-end amplifiers. A mind-blowing feat, this hybrid technology seamlessly blends digital and analog signals to produce sound quality unlike anything previously experienced. This technology is embedded in all Devialet products.

In 2015 Devialet unleashed the Phantom - a whole new species of speaker that delivers extraordinary sound and revolutionary engineering.  Looking more like a futuristic space capsule, Devialet claims the Phantom speakers are able to replicate the sound and presence of speakers 20 times its size.  

To ensure the highest quality, Devialet makes almost everything itself, including its own WiFi chips. The company holds 88 patents and all its equipment is built in the company's factories in France.

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