Creek Audio has been an integral part of the British Hi-Fi industry since the early 1980's.  During this time, the company has never deviated from its founding mission; purity of sound with quality built products at affordable prices.

Creek Audio has been awarded multiple awards over the years for products including Integrated Amplifiers, CD Players, FM Tuners, Phono Pre-Amplifiers, Headphone Amplifiers, and Passive Pre-Amplifiers.

Throughout the years Creek Audio has maintained a consistent product design philosophy – the key elements of which can be summed up in the following way:

  • products have a simple uncluttered design
  • they exhibit technical sophistication
  • they feature state of the art electronics
  • they are designed for people who love music
  • they are minimalist in operation
  • they focus ion a total system approach.

With the digital audio era firmly upon us Creek Audio is carrying this philosophy into a range of digital products such as Digital Pre-Amplifiers and stand alone DACs. These newer products will enable HI-Fi enthusiasts to enjoy their music collection for years to come.

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