In 1972, four hi-fi enthusiasts got together with the goal of producing the best loudspeaker for every taste and every budget. In a former village school in Frankfurt, Germany, where the company still has its headquarters today, 35 employees assembled Canton's first loudspeakers.

Canton has since become one of the world's largest speaker manufacturers, proudly designing and manufacturing virtually every component in-house in Germany.  The technology, engineering, build quality and finish of their speakers rivals the industry's best.

Canton's speakers combine innovative technologies, including unique ceramic-tungsten drivers & a technology they call displacement control.  Developed by Canton,  displacement control prevents the uncontrolled deflection of the bass loudspeaker membrane at low tones. Doing so suppresses the subsonic oscillations and allows the bass tones to sound perceptibly sharper and more precise. 

Regardless of your budget, Canton offers a range of models and designs with sound experiences that are unmatched.  By placing a high priority on the best possible price-performance ratio, Canton delivers a quality product at a competitive price point.

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