Cabasse is the best-known speaker brand in France.  The Cabasse family started producing loudspeakers as long ago as 1950, but that’s far from the start of the story. The business has its roots in the 18th century, building musical instruments as early as 1742.

Cabasse has  been a longtime advocate of active crossovers and interactive systems (speakers with built-in amplification), producing their first active designs as early as 1958. With the growing interest in multichannel systems and home theater, the creation of an extensive range of active subwoofer options was a natural extension for the brand.  Cabasse's product range now includes subwoofers, satellite speakers, and partially active two-channel solutions.

With over 600 retail locations in France, Cabasse has become adept at integrating their customer's preferences, wants, and needs into their product offerings.  Perhaps the most impressive thing about Cabasse’s stream components is not that they work so well or look so good but that they are priced so competitively.

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