Aurender, a highly innovative company from Korea, has emerged in the last few years as a clear industry leader. Their products have quickly become the go-to music streamers of choice for the high end audiophile community.

Not only do Aurender's products offer fabulous sound but their control software, build quality, and functionality are all first-class. Crucially, the Aurenders are truely ‘fit and forget’ music servers rather than just plain streamers.  With built-in hard disks for storage and solid state caches for noiseless and jitter-free playback there is no need for separate file storage devices.  Aurender's music servers just need to be plugged into your DAC and then the chain is complete. Couple that with compatibility with a wide variety of file formats, TIDAL music subscription service capability,  and fabulous software and you have some of the best products currently on the market.


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