Introduction To Smart Hubs

Introduction To Smart Hubs

The smart hub is an essential component for controlling today’s smart home technology. The smart hub is the brain center of an automated home; connecting all your wired devices, facilitating communications between them, and enabling control of them remotely from a single access point. 

There are a number of ad-hoc, one-room smart hub solutions currently on the market. They include Wink 2, SmartThings, and Apple’s Homekit amongst others. Compared with the professional smart home solutions available thru Sight+Sound Gallery, these consumer products offer limited functionality and ability to integrate with other smart products.

Before you proceed with an inferior technology, we invite you take a look at the affordable Smart Hub for the URC MX HomePro system.

Where systems like Wink, Google Home, and SmartThings are capable of controlling smart appliances in a single room, the MX HomePro smart hub controls one room of entertainment equipment - such as your stereo, television, and cable box - and also has the ability to control popular automation devices located throughout your entire home including whole-home music systems, lighting, thermostats, home security systems, and more. All of this can be easily controlled using your smart phone, a tablet, or a handheld remote.

The URC MX Home Pro smart hub features include:

  • Comprehensive entertainment and smart home control,
  • Connects to a LAN via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet,
  • Ability to install up to 15 smart hubs per home (five rooms, three hubs per room),
  • Ability to control with a mobile App,
  • Accessible at home or on-the-go via smart phone or tablet,
  • Mobile App features ability to integrate with third-party apps, and
  • Is sold exclusively by trained URC Dealers.

Contact Sight+Sound Gallery before you invest in smart home technology. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose a smart hub that provides the functionality best suited to your home and your current needs while also taking into account plans to enhance your smart home in the future.

Posted By Howard Levenson
October 19, 2018
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