Introduction to Smart Home Technology

Introduction to Smart Home Technology

Homes around the country are getting a lot smarter as more and more people introduce internet-connected devices into their living quarters. Smart Home automation is really about personalizing your home with smart devices that are programmed to do things you want done automatically. Whether you want to experiment with a few devices or create a completely automated smart home experience, it’s now easier to do than ever before. 

The smart thermostat has traditionally been the entry point into Smart Home technology. Current trends however see a shift to safety devices. Now more than ever, people are looking for new technologies to help them keep their homes safe and secure.

According to a recent survey conducted by Home Depot, growth in the smart home market is driven largely by younger, tech-savvy individuals who grew up with the Internet. Millennials have long had an influence on their parents buying habits. In the case of the fast-growing home automation market, these tech-savvy influencers have urged their parents to add internet-connected products to their homes. The survey further backs this up by pointing out that 90 percent of respondents said they believe smart home devices make life easier for aging adults and may allow them to continue living independently in their own homes by simplifying or even automating some tasks.

Thanks to popular voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, and Apple’s Siri the learning curve and usability of smart home technology has continued to improve with each new product-life-cycle.

At Sight+Sound Gallery, we are here to help you customize the home automation solution best suited to your home and life-style. Whether you need a single component or are looking for a soup-to-nuts home automation solution, we look forward to helping you choose the best products for your needs and budget.

Posted By Howard Levenson
October 02, 2018
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