A Look Inside CEDIA 2016


From September 13-17, 2016 Sight+Sound Gallery attended CEDIA in Dallas. CEDIA, which stands for Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, is a massive international industry showcase that gets you thinking of the future of  residential technology. We were invited to attend the CEDIA Expo where all of the best installers and custom home automation businesses learn more about the industry and the cool new gadgets coming out, so we were thrilled to be there with all of the other great companies and brands to learn from. It’s a great way to introduce your brand and your products to an audience that is interested in exactly what you are offering.

Devialet at CEDIA.jpg

CEDIA is one of the most fun home install showcases around. It’s huge! They reported attendance at around 18,750 people with over 500 exhibitors, 115 CEDIA training sessions, 13 CEDIA Talks, 6 free CEDIA Panel Sessions, and several other special events. The energy at an Expo this big is astonishing. To be able to gather so much information at one place was a rewarding experience.


Best thing about CEDIA?

One of the best things about attending CEDIA this year was gaining a better understanding of the vast products for the home and customers. It is true that no size fits all, and that is why we carry a full array of products from simple outdoor camera and light to a 20,000 sq ft home automation system. Caseta Wireless, for example, is a simple and easy way to introduce control lighting into your home. They are known for in-wall speakers and lighting control.

amphion at CEDIA.jpg

Something new I learned?

There were classes each day that provided deeper knowledge on programming with URC, as well as product/manufacturer education. It is interesting to know how granular you can customize your home to how you live and truly make your house a home. Down to the very finishing touches, our Home Experts will be able to implement the slightest task for you that you didn’t even realize would simplify your life. The systems that we work with, such as URC, Procontrol, Caseta, Lutron, Sonos, etc., allow you to customize every feature of your home.


What was shocking?

At CEDIA, we learned that the home automation space is changing quickly and you want to work with the best breed to ensure unwavering executability and seamless integration. It’s important to have the best brands and systems because technology changes so rapidly. With rapidly changing technology, expectations are heightened and pressure to deliver the best is prominent. Luckily, we have confidence in our Home and Digital Experts to always keep the customer at the forefront providing the best information.Cambridge Audio at CEDIA.jpg


Many of our 2-channel brands have been making greater inroads into home automation and lifestyle living. You will notice in the pictures that some of our HiFi audio brands like Amphion, Devialet, Cambridge Audio, T+A, Roksan, and Elipson were present at CEDIA. And of course our other home install brands like Sonos, Sony, Lutron, URC, Savant, and Procontrol were present. It was absolutely rewarding to be able to learn the intricacies of how these systems will work together to provide the best experience.


CEDIA was 5 days of great information, excitement, and entertainment. As a small Atlanta custom home automation business it was a remarkable experience for Sight+Sound Gallery to attend. We even came back with big news…! We will now be a Savant dealer. They’re coming to Sight+Sound Gallery… Stay tuned for more information!



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