Sight+Sound Gallery, Grand Opening Featuring Photographer Terrell Clark

Sight + Sound Gallery, a contemporary art gallery and high-end audio equipment retailer, is opening its doors to all art and music fans on Friday, May 11th at 6:00pm in Studioplex, located in the heart of Atlanta’s Old Forth Ward neighborhood at 659 Auburn Ave. The grand opening will feature regional photographer Terrell Clark and his current collection, 3 Feet Above Sea Level: A Pinhole Exploration of the French Quarter.

This opening exhibit will showcase Terrell’s photographic journery through New Orleans’ French Quarter. By using a pin-hole camera with its long exposure times, Terrell captures “an unconventional perspective of the Quarter …and challenges the notion of a ‘perfect’ picture.” Black and white images with overlapping exposures, drops the viewer into the middle of stillness and hided motion. More than a visual experience, Terrell’s documentation of the Quarter’s current time space reality is an venture into intuitive feeling.

Come join us for light refreshment and a closer examination of the Terrell Clark’s work.

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